Packing & Travel Gear

That¬†is what I took for my trip around the World….

Let’s start with the electronics (the essential stuff!)…


  1. Tablet – Microsoft Surface Pro 2
  2. Smartphone – HTC One X
  3. Canon Powershot S110
  4. Contour +2
  5. Contour Waterhousing
  6. GPS Watch – Garmin Forerunner 405CX
  7. Smartwatch –¬†Motorola Motoactv
  8. Fitness Tracker – Nike Fuel SE
  9. Charger: Travel Adapter
  10. Charger: Surface Pro 2
  11. Charger: Contour +2
  12. Charger: Canon S110
  13. Charger: HTC USB-Charger
  14. Battery: Contour 4x
  15. Battery: Canon S110 3x
  16. Battery: AA Mignon
  17. Memory Cards… lots..
  18. LaCie Flashlight
  19. Stereo Sunglasses
  20. Phlips Bluetooth Headphones
  21. Anker Wifi Mouse
  22. Amor 1 TB Harddrive
  23. Mobile Powerpack: EasyAcc 3000mha
  24. Mobile Powerpack: 10000mha
  25. Cullmann Flexx Freestyle
  26. Lots of Memory Cards…
  27. Lots of USB Cable…

and moreover some cloth, one daypack and the actual backpack…

All my belongings

In total everything combined weighs about 16 kg…

As my early plan was to pack easy and light with max. 12 kg, I am still wondering where all the weight comes from…

But finally ready to go…

IMG_0794k IMG_0790k


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