Welcome to Brisbane…


My hostel was in a sense better than expected after surviving the first night. These fucking drunk Australian yobs that stayed in my room were on purpose annoying other people until 4am. Therefore, next morning  I complained at the reception and was able to change rooms. The second night was way more relaxing.


Anybody was kinda complaining about how boring the city actually is…but I liked it :) Especially the area near the river, the Story Bridge and various skyscrapers were a BEAUTIFUL surrounding to gain energy after a night without sleep. Moreover the Queensland University of Technology is located right at the river and offers the best Wifi I have so far experienced here in Australia. Is it so difficult to setup a working internet experience in bigger cities..I am still wondering? Lets have a look at the river and it’s Ferry wheel :)

IMG_5382 IMG_5216 IMG_5178 IMG_5160 IMG_5121

The perfect place to do an afternoon’s sightseeing run. Don’t judge the time…it was a sightseeing run and had 188m of elevation in it.


Right next to Story Bridge the South Bank Parklands starts, which is a huge swimming pool and beach area in the middle of the city.

IMG_5174 IMG_5173 IMG_5169 IMG_5167

Finally before leaving Brisbane, I was able to further improve my low light skill set by taking pictures of the Brisbane skyline.IMG_5252 IMG_5360 IMG_5338 IMG_5309 IMG_5288 IMG_5278 IMG_5257

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