Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise

Next stop the weird city…IMG_4521

I have never seen a more artificial city than Surfers Paradise at Gold Coast…This facial expression shows my early impression of this Town. Nevertheless, the three days here were good fun :)

IMG_4464 IMG_4494

Lots of Hotels, Bungalows, Skyscrapers, Restaurants…seems to be quite modern though…Moreover, the streets were so clean…almost a small version of Singapore.


The beach area was great and with lots of kitesurfers. Actually, all beaches in Australia are almost perfect. Once you come from cold Germany to a place with sun and sand, there is nothing more you wish for having. :) Fun fact…apparently there is only one beach in East Australia, since it covers the whole East coast you’ll always find spots with no people & tourists & backpackers on it.

IMG_4553 IMG_4562IMG_4555

North of Surfers Paradise, there is Philip Park…and nice place to escape the city. It took me 15km one way to get to the end of the park, but the view at the city and the jellyfish I saw near the beach was totally worth the effort.


my Jellyfish Video…

This was my view…

IMG_4652 IMG_4686 IMG_4674

The next day I went for a short run close to the beach..first sport-activity since my serve cold in Byron Bay. So kind of relaxing run now…to get back to higher performances soon. Other than in Sydney, people in Surfers seem to be more lazy and only a few joggers were around despite the great weather.

Tomorrow I am leaving to Brisbane…

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