Byron Bay

Byron Bay

That’s Byron Bay…IMG_4137IMG_4005

The hostel area was just awesome, although the internet was not for free…However, Byron Bay is a gathering of mostly crazy and stoned people.IMG_4447

After a 11km run to the lighthouse and the most eastern point of Australia…I was able to enjoy the amazing beaches of Byron.


To be honest, Byron does not offer very much besides its beaches…but they are amazing

The train tracks lose itself somewhere in the jungle and big swamps preclude you to explore other places…

IMG_4359 IMG_4374IMG_4428

At least there is some nature in Byron Bay…such a difference to all those big cities I have been before.

After being really sick for two days and dislocating my neck somehow…I finally was able to use my action cam for the first time here in Australia…

Moreover, the last day was surprisingly the best…thanks to Laura…the perfect guide to see snakes & lizardsĀ :) Thank you for a wonderful day.

next stop…Surfers Paradise

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