Blue Mountains

Sydney – Blue Mountains

Just extended my stay in Sydney to visit the Blue Mountains… And it was totally worth it.¬†First of all, thanks to Alex and Eveline…it was an flippin epic trip with you guys.

So after 2:30h train ride, we finally reached the Blue Mountain Area. The weather itself was definitely better than last week.


First highlight of the day and arriving point…KATOOOMBAAA-Station with its never ending roads…

IMG_3082 IMG_3084

So finally we reached Blue Mountain National Park with its terrific canyon and cable car station…IMG_3089 IMG_3100 IMG_3111

There are some paths right at the edge of the cliff that brings you to some lookout points. For example Echo Point is an awesome place to have a great look in the valley of Blue Mountain National Park.

IMG_3149IMG_3176 IMG_3236IMG_3391

One of the highlights…the Three Sister Rocks :)

IMG_3159IMG_3226 IMG_3216

As serious hikers, we had to take some jumping pictures as well…

IMG_3375 IMG_3377

After walking for some miles through the jungle…


…we finally reached some amazing waterfalls with freezing cold water.

IMG_3576 IMG_3544 IMG_3625 IMG_3563 IMG_3515

Thank you Blue Mountains…you were amazing. ;)


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