Koh Samui

Island by foot – Koh Samui

next sunny day…And I decided to explore the northern part of the island by foot..

Therefore I had to walk 10km north…close to the airport…

My goal of the day was to find the big buddha..yes another one and then get a good view on one of the mountains…

IMG_4834 IMG_4835 IMG_4837 IMG_4840

on my way I walked past the airport and was able to take some pictures…however it is forbidden to taker pictures of the airport…

IMG_4854 IMG_4853 IMG_4855 IMG_4856

besides the runway…there was not much to see..so I continued my walk further north…it was boiling hot…bloody hell

IMG_4861 IMG_4848 IMG_4845

the coconut trees are just amazing..IMG_4863 IMG_4865 IMG_4868

finally I reached the area with the big buddha..it was located on some kind of an island…right at the coastline..

IMG_4870 IMG_4873 IMG_4876 IMG_4877

IMG_4910 IMG_4917 IMG_4943

and here he is my buddha buddy…


after fighting against aliens and predators…I went on to the hill


many sea sculptures were on my way to the hill…

IMG_4985 IMG_4978 IMG_4974

the way to the top of the hill was really steep…I like it..

IMG_5011 IMG_5017 IMG_5020

the view was just epic…

IMG_5036 IMG_5026

on my way back home…I walked past some tremendous resorts at the beach…

IMG_5042 IMG_5048 IMG_5047 IMG_5046 IMG_5043

other findings on my walk today…

IMG_5066 IMG_5065

next up the waterfalls…

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