Relaxing in Krabi

I need a more quite day after the crazy hike rain running yesterday…

After a crab fight in the morning I rented a scooter to drive to the beach.

IMG_4485 IMG_4498

Outcome: Chris vs. Crab 3:2   WINNER!!

IMG_4650 IMG_4649

So let’s drive…20km to the beach

IMG_4651 IMG_4654 IMG_4652

Not the best weather though…but I kept going…


Final parking lot…was actually really hard to find since there were so many people and scooters…took me 10min to reserve a spot


and now it is time for walking / hiking again to get away from all these tourists…

IMG_4537 IMG_4541 IMG_4540 IMG_4539 IMG_4538

there is a small mountain in the back…lets get over it and see whether there are less tourists…ready…? GO GO GO

IMG_4553 IMG_4550IMG_4549 IMG_4548

I ended up on this beach… with a small resort and monkeysIMG_4623 IMG_4620 IMG_4614 IMG_4613

and a peer with an amazing lime stone in the water… IMG_4605 strong as a rock knock knock knock knoch IMG_4600

The peer…IMG_4583IMG_4578

I sleep for an hour on the beach…who would’t do that… IMG_4572 IMG_4570 IMG_4566

On my way back I spent some time on the nearby market

sooooo back home :)

next up…leaving Krabi to Koh Samui

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