Sydney – Manly Beach & Harbour National Park

Wow…what an awesome place is Manly Beach!!


Heading up north I reached Manly Cove within a 30min Ferry ride. On the Ferry everyone was able to take these amazing postcard like pictures of the Opera and the Botanic Garden.

IMG_2218 IMG_2248

30min later arriving at Manly.


Manly Beach is gorgeous and apparently way bigger than Bondi Beach. Definitely a place to spend all of the afternoon, especially if the weather in good.

IMG_2339IMG_2314 IMG_2312 IMG_2302 IMG_2293 IMG_2269

However, I visited Sydney National Park (located South of Manly Beach). This park that is literally on top of a small mountain was the most impressive place I have been so far in Australia! Combining great view spots, untouched nature, few tourists and hidden paths, AMAZING!


First location was Shelly Beach…just a small beach area not far away from Manly Beach.


Second location East side of the National Park with a great view over Manly Beach.

IMG_2455 IMG_2502IMG_2527

Third location South of National Park with a great view over Sydney downtown…Sydney seems to be just so tiny!

IMG_2608 IMG_2661 IMG_2625

After the hiking & climbing duathlon I finally arrived back at the Ferry with the sun already going down…Now fast Ferry ride back to the Hostel…following the Great North Run online.

IMG_2764 IMG_2731 IMG_2715


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