National Park

Taman Negara National Park

The journey begins in the early morning..with a bus ride from KL. A couple of hours spending in a bus we reached our first transit point..a small city called Jerantut…

IMG_2777 IMG_2793 IMG_2789 IMG_2782 IMG_2780 IMG_2779 IMG_2778

We had to wait for another bus that brought us 15km up north to the place where the boat left in direction to the national park.


The boat ride was about 3 hours and whenever I woke up in the boat..I took some pictures..

IMG_2803 IMG_2802 IMG_2799

the water seemed not to be clear at all, but the nature was ridiculous…this is indeed jungle all over the place…

IMG_2828 IMG_2847 IMG_2837

IMG_3007 IMG_3000 IMG_2998 IMG_2993 IMG_2992


next on the list…exploring the park…

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