Sentosa – Singapore

Daytrip Sentosa

The daytrip statet with going to the biggest shopping mall in Singapore. Goal to finally buy a SimCard :)
Did I succeed…No I didn’t! But close to the shopping mall in the actual boardwalk to Sentosa Island…my main destination of the day.
The weather was not too bad…kinda really hot actually!


I could see Sentosa island basically from the exit of the mall…


and there is the Boardwalk that leads to Singapore’s most famous island..


Reaching Senntosa Island (1 Dollar entrance fee)..


the first thing one can see are the Universal Studios..

IMG_1808 IMG_1812
After a little bit of walking there is a huge replica of the Merlion.
Sentosa is a different place…lots of crazy activities to do there..I finally reached the beach after walking through a weird indescribably park / art area.

IMG_1837 IMG_1836 IMG_1823 IMG_1850 IMG_1857

And yes I found the beach :) But I had no towel with me…which did not stop me from going into the sea…

IMG_1863 IMG_1859 IMG_1858 IMG_1883 IMG_1888 IMG_1882

Kinda weird street sings on Sentosa…definitely a thing to pay attention to…to strictly behave in the right way since all the fines in Singapore are tremendous for just doing cheesy things…

IMG_1879IMG_1881 IMG_1880

On the way back I walked over the bridge and could also see the Singapore harbour…

IMG_1894 IMG_1902 IMG_1901 IMG_1898 IMG_1907

That’s for the day…TIRED!

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