Sydney – Run & Luna Park

Finally found some time to go running…


After a short run round Sydney Opera and through Royal Park and showing some Aussies German Running Speed, I was ready to take off to Luna Park.

IMG_1699 IMG_1728

Since the weather was better the expected, I was able to do some nicer shots of the Sydney Opera House today. However, after making about one million shots of this white structure I am probably done with it by now…

IMG_1774 IMG_1884 IMG_1901 IMG_1968

Nevertheless, Royal Park with its Palm Trees is the perfect relaxing place to hang out after this short run. Next time I am heading for the fleet steps, as they look quite brutal to improve thigh strength.

IMG_1925 IMG_1920IMG_1909IMG_1799Luna Park, where I was truly considering riding the Ferris wheel with some 5-7 year old kids, is a good place to take some pictures of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

IMG_1987 IMG_2000

Harbour Bridge Jump Style :)

IMG_2067IMG_2088 IMG_2038 IMG_2046

If the weather stays…I will head up Coogee Beach walk tomorrow…and watch out for some transportation to the North, as the weather here is to crazy and so damn not consistent (there is a fucking storm outside…RIGHT NOW)

At least sometimes there is sometimes a sign of good weather…


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