Jakarta – Bye bye Indonesia

That’s it… Time to say good bye to Indonesia…

just took the night train to Jakarta…had 1st class but could barely sleep…1st class in Asia is like 5th class in Europe…! was lucky not to sit on top of the train.

But all in all Indonesia was an awesome time…ups and downs…Many nice people. Fun Experiences…And an awful shuttle ride to Yogyakarta…:P

Final stop…Jakarta..I just had a couple of hours to spend before my flight left to Singapore…Jakarta itself is more organized than Surabaya…but also just another big city with not much to do…


look at that…they are playing football on 3  fields…by that ungodly hour… IMG_1595

tooo fucking early..

IMG_1585 IMG_1591my plane to Singapore ??!  IMG_1592

The Jakarta monument and a shitty car? That’s basically all you can expect from that city..Major attractions I would call these! :P IMG_1590IMG_1586 IMG_1585IMG_1583Starbucks…always a sign of civilization..and god damn helps you to focus..if you are missing a night full of sleep.  IMG_1578 So that it…Airplane! I had no ticket for the fancy one…

IMG_1613IMG_1608Landing in Singapore…     IMG_1602

next up exploring Singapore

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