Yogykarta – The Market

The best city in Indonesia in definitely Yogykarta..

After a 12 hour non-aircon shuttle bus ride, where I met Chloe from NYC, we finally reached Yogya. The next day I headed off with Chloe to discover the markets and streets in Yogya. We had some kind of a private tour throughout all the markets…and were able to try all the spices :) We ended up buying some fruits as well…

IMG_0620 IMG_0633 IMG_0615

in addition to the markets we had the chance to see/buy iconic batik “pictures” from a batik school…Cool stuff!IMG_0643 IMG_0641 IMG_0637 IMG_0642

The streets, the houses and the organisation itself in Yogya are also much better than in the rest of Indonesia…so is the traffic…so next plan.. rent a scooter and explore Yogya, its beaches and the famous temples in the next days…IMG_0595 IMG_0594 IMG_0593 IMG_0566

However, it is still a shame that there is no proper way to recycle garbage even in the bigger cities…so basically everyone just throws his litter a the sides of the streets… :/IMG_0573

Btw, I love the advertisement in Indonesia…almost made me buy some tissues…


And let’s not forget the art..


or the modern cars..


to close that day, I would like to highly recommend SUPER gives you similar strength and wisdom as ‘Gummibaerensaft’!

IMG_0578 IMG_0579

next up the beach…

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