Mount Bromo

A hell of a trip…Surabaya..Public fucked up transportation to Propolingo…Shitty tour guide that picked us up with a motorcycle and provided us a demolished shuttle bus for the actual mountain..

So first of all…I do not further talk about the “guided tour”, since the whole guided trip was just SHIT! Nevertheless the actual Mountain  Volcano itself is kinda beautiful, but with way to many tourists and local visitors…Do not pick a weekend to visit the Volcano…And even more important do not pick a guided tour when you’ll do it.

So we arrived in the late evening near the mountain area…just enough time to see the sunset…and get to the hostel..

IMG_0232 IMG_0246IMG_0274

Next morning/ middle of the night: So we drove up the Mountain with our jeep that was only 1h late, so we almost missed the sunrise…on the Mountain itself we were surrounded by 492478 other jeeps doing the exact same viewing spot. Nevertheless, with my tripod I was able to shoot some decent pictures…  SUNRISE :)IMG_0284 IMG_0288IMG_0426 IMG_0391

Second spot of the day was the Volcano itself, the crater in particular. The view stairs up to the Volcano took forever, since all the other tourist needed to stop and breath…fuck..I have no glue what took them so long to walk 20 stairs…However, due to the  it was smelling like rotten eggs all the time which made the tour even better.IMG_0455 IMG_0447 IMG_0446 IMG_0443

And here it is the rim of the crater… IMG_0497 IMG_0489 IMG_0488 IMG_0515 IMG_0527 IMG_0524  me and some local indonesians… IMG_0543 IMG_0554 IMG_0500

next stop Yorgyakarta

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