Ubud Part 2 – The Rice Field Discovery

Ubud Part 2 – The Rice Field Discovery

After all the cities I have seen on my trip so far, I decided to explore the actual nature in Indonesia, in particular the massive rice fields on Bali.
So I went straight from my Hostel in Ubud to a place called….

There are small paths guiding you away from all the streets, city noise and houses. The path itself was beautiful so I used it as well as a running track the other day. IMG_9140 IMG_9153 IMG_9161

When I finally reached the rice fields the view was stunning. Literally no human being was around…it was totally quite ands one could hear the wind waving through the all the plants in the rice field.

IMG_9205 IMG_9233 IMG_9223 IMG_9221 IMG_9218

Random art gallery in the middle of nowhere…

More and more rice fields to come…pure nature..The rice fields were just endless..

IMG_9314IMG_9312IMG_9305 IMG_9285 IMG_9276IMG_9273

Sometimes I spotted some people…but definitely no tourists in this area…

IMG_9270 IMG_9331

I came along jungle similar areas…with people living in shelters that definitely showed the difference between the touristy areas and the real life in Indonesia.

IMG_9399 IMG_9419 IMG_9401 IMG_9442 IMG_9400

I went on for 12km when I found the first crossing back into the city. The road that got back to the city was full with handcraft shops that sell incredible detailed pieces of art and sculptures.

IMG_9439 IMG_9423 IMG_9422 IMG_9421 IMG_9411

A long day went by…finally on my way back to my hostel..next time I get one of these million scooters…

IMG_9407 IMG_9412 IMG_9146

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