Ubud (Bali) – Monkey Forest

After leaving the party place in Kuta, I went to Ubud which is located in the middle of the Island.

First stop after my arrival was the Monkey Forest…


really bad bad bad idea to go there. The road I walked was near to rice fields combined with some construction sites.

IMG_8894 IMG_8887 IMG_8898

I read on the internet that three people on average get bitten by the monkeys every day and one should avoid to feed them. IMG_8949 IMG_8950 IMG_8952

However, I did not buy food to feed them, but nevertheless 3 monkeys bit me so hard that it started bleeding. What I did not know at that time is that monkeys, bats and dogs in Indonesia have a high risk to carry rabies! Especially on Bali lots of people and tourists die every year due to rabies….

IMG_8985 IMG_8975 IMG_8940

Since I had no rabies jab, I had to find a hospital asap. I took a taxi to 3 hospitals since I got my first injection for about 50 Euro! Fun fact, they only pay 6 Euro for the medicine, but charge tourists crazy amounts of money for the life saving injection. And they refuse to sell it to tourist, since they want you to go to hospital every time to get the injection by a nurse. However, it got worse..since I had to get 4 more injections the next clinic I went to a few days later wanted to charge me 150 Euro for each injection. I refused to pay! Luckily the pharmacy near by also had the medicine that I needed. I went there with a friend of mine. She is a dutch doctor that by coincidence specializes in viral diseases. We convinced to guy in the pharmacy to sell us the medicine without prescription, so that I can inject myself later without finding a hospital every time. I ended up buying three (more were not available) injections for 40 Euro each! Much cheaper than the fucking clinic but still impertinent expensive! However, I still have to find a pharmacy for my final injection.

Probably I would not go again to the monkey forest, nevertheless the jungle looks amazing.


next up the rice fields

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