Kuta - Bali

Kuta (Bali)

And now everything changes…New country, new continent and new culture…



Arriving at midnight on Bali Airport was the worst idea ever..Just to save some money I took the late flight. My plan was to sleep at the airport for a few hours and then heading off to my hostel..But there is not possibility that the Airport security will let you rest anywhere. So I went into the city with all my luggage. 7km walk to my hostel…I will never do that again in the middle of the night…Almost 100 people came to me during my 1hour walk, touched me, offered me transportation, prostitutes, drugs and so on. Finally I reached my hostel which was located in the middle of the city. Since it was closed….I had to sleep on the doorway for the next 4 hours…

This is where I slept..


When finally the reception opened, I got a room but instead of going straight to bed I went to the beach at 5am. This is btw, the only time Kuta in Bali is not crowded. Kiddies where also doing sports, apparently some sort of karate at this ungodly hour.

IMG_8699 IMG_8707 IMG_8702

Kuta itself is a very touristy place..similar to the Balearic Islands..but with lots and lots of scooters and motorcycles..

IMG_8824 IMG_8828IMG_8734IMG_8788

I am sorry Dude..


and no…it is not what you are thinking.. this Swastika stands for Hinduism..


The next day I went on to buy me a SimCard and to explore the crazy traffic in Kuta…There I had to go to the big mall in Kuta. Just to get there one had cross tghe highway my foot (6 lanes)..was so dangerous..but the Indonesian people just don’t care on cross the highway within a second…To I did the same…


I will be in Ubud from tomorrow…trying to escape the touristy areas..

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