Cairns and the Reef

soooo now I am almost at the end of my east coast Australia tour :)

When I arrived the tide was low and I recognized the forest fire that went on for three days straight..

IMG_8346 IMG_8359

Maybe the Cairns guns started the fire :) I heard that the Koalas are attacking the city and this action was just self defense from the government. IMG_8349 IMG_8354

so let’s get to the white mountain hiking course…it is a 7km walk along the beach just to reach the designated area.

IMG_8361 IMG_8364 IMG_8367

There are the mountains in the back..IMG_8374

Me Like Danger Signs :) go go go go ~

IMG_8457 IMG_8405 IMG_8384

“Jogging prohibited” does certainly not help to get rid of the obesity problem in Australia…I am just saying!


Made it to the top…however the lookout was lame!

IMG_8412 IMG_8427 IMG_8432 IMG_8448

and of course back down..


Start to end…1:35h ..why the fuck is there a sign for 4-5 hours…Koala pace or what? And I even stopped for pictures and lunch!


Way back home I stopped at the Botanic Gardens..for a short chillout session


almost back at the hostel…done for today.


reef is up next…

I took the cheapest ferry to get out on the reef and it was just amazing…a 2 hour ferry ride and you are right above the Great Barrier Reef…

Snorkeling for the first time in my life :)

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 r1

Loved it! Sorry for the photo quality since these are just screenshots of my videos…

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