Whitsundays (Long Island)

Last stop on my Whitsundays Tour is Long Island.
Long island is way less touristy than Daydream or Hamilton Island. However, you can barely find an Island on the Whitsundays without an Hostel, Resort or Bungalows built on it.

IMG_7455 IMG_7464

and of course…what would be an island without a beach area :)

IMG_7468 IMG_7470

I only has about 2 hours to explore the whole Island, though I was running all the time on the hiking paths. At one point I reached an dead end and recognized a dead tree with bees flying out of it.


One second later had mounted my camera on the tripod on recorded the bee nest from inside. Besides attacking the camera all the time the bees seemed to be pretty much harmless.

IMG_7514 IMG_7510

Going on with the trail running…There were two beaches to discover on my way on the island.

The first ‘stony’ beach looked like this:

IMG_7530 IMG_7541 IMG_7533IMG_7546  and the relaxing beach looked like this: IMG_7600IMG_7589 IMG_7585

At one point of time I finally saw my first Wallaby. Wallabies are pretty much very shy, so it was hard to take some good pictures. IMG_7618

Unfortunately, I had to stop exploring since I was running out of time…nevertheless I could take some more shots of the sunset on the way back to the ferry.   IMG_7648 IMG_7640 IMG_7639 IMG_7623

almost back at home..I spotted a fire 500m away from my hostel…


After all that was a looooong day…over 10 hours…95km! (but with ferry rides ;)IMG_7675)map6


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