Whitsundays (Daydream Island)

Here I am starting my journey to three islands of the Whitsundays…The Whitsunday Islands are a collection of continental islands of various sizes off the central coast of Queensland.


I headed off with the Ferry towards three of the Islands…

  1. Daydream Island
  2. Hamilton Island
  3. Long Island

Apparently I missed the first Ferry, as my hostel gave me an old time schedule with the wrong harbour indicating the place of departure. So I had to walk 2km back to get to the right harbour, which was actually right next to my hostel. So I had to way for one more hour until the next ferry went off.

IMG_7039 IMG_7073 IMG_7064 IMG_7052After a 30min Ferry ride “Kristoph” finally reached daydream Island..

IMG_7080 IMG_7083 IMG_7096

Daydream Island itself is fine…but it is actually one of the smaller islands with a big hotel complex built on it…So I didn’t spend much time there…IMG_7098

However, Daydream Island can be a place to chill out…

IMG_7124 IMG_7137 IMG_7135

I just had another look at the big pond on Daydream Island until I caught my next Ferry to Hamilton Island.


bye bye Daydream Island..


next Hamilton Island…





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