Sydney – Bondi Beach

Finally found the first beach in Australia… BONDI BEACH


I tried to get there without navigation that took me twice as long, but therefore I found some really nice spots to take pictures and hang around.

IMG_1394 IMG_1396

Definitely recommend Bondi Beach and especially the hills north of Bondi Beach. There is a great spot (Golf yard) to take amazing pictures right at a 100 m high stone ledge. As the wind was so strong today, I saw myself almost falling down the ledge several times…take into account whatever is necessary to record an awesome video ;)


Moreover, near Bondi Beach they serve the best Burger I’ve ever eaten. Love you ‘Olies’. Get the ‘Big O’ and thank me later…

IMG_1605 IMG_1601

Unfortunately the weather was switching like Speedy Gonzales from sunshine and tshirt to heavy rain and tornado like winds…


Nevertheless 25km walk and now I am finally familiar with east Sydney :)






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