Fraser Island

Now it begins…being away from almost everything for three days. The trip includes sleeping in a tent, having no shower and worst of all…having no internet access or phone reception ;) This place is called FRASER ISLAND!Fraser Island

Popular for its Dingos the biggest sand island in the world has so much to offer…dunes, beaches, jungle, whales, dolphins, turtles…

Fraser Island is a heritage-listed island located along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia, approximately 200km north of Brisbane. It is a locality within the Fraser Coast Region. Its length is about 120km and its width is approximately 24km. It was inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1992. The island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world at 1840km². It is also Queensland’s largest island, Australia’s sixth largest island and the largest island on the East Coast of Australia.

That was the place were we stayed…no much luxury, but it does the job.

IMG_6036 IMG_6035

The campsite itself was located about 20m away from the beach…So I had my morning cup of coffee usually right here…


First day we went to a hidden lake right next to a big sand blow. It was truly amazing walking through untouched dunes for miles and miles…



The lake itself was surrounded by dunes and dunes and dunes…like way more sand as I have ever seen in my life…This particular area is called Hammerstone Sandblow and Lake Wabby.

IMG_6051 IMG_6059IMG_6101 IMG_6109 IMG_6123

and more and more sand…Fun fact..the sandblow will grow every year so that the hidden lake which actually was just formed due to the sandblow will eventually be covered with sand and disappear. Unlike most other lakes on Fraser Island which are too acidic, Lake Wabby provides habitat to several species of fish. 13 species have yet been identified.

When the sunset came closer we headed back to our campsite, where I was lucky to see the clearest sky conditions ever..Literally one could see thousands of stars and the milky way without any optics…Sadly, it was hard to catch this breathtaking view with my camera. All I could do without a tripod is the picture below..!


As it got darker more and more animals came out of their shelters to chase unexperienced backpackers.


Lucky as I was I survived the first night and was woken up by a didgeridoo and a beautiful sunrise…


Soooo with a couple hours of sleep I went on to discover more animals…and finally, to put it bluntly, I was quite successful with that as I have seen Dingos, Jellyfish, Spiders, Turtles, Dolphins, Whales….

IMG_6328 IMG_6332 IMG_6319 IMG_6316 IMG_6470 IMG_6435

The next day we went to another dune with ancient sandstone formations….somehow it reminded me of the Curiosity Pictures form Mars…So now I have also been on Mars..kind of :)IMG_6348 IMG_6352 IMG_6350

After the Mars exploration we headed on to the SS Maheno, an old ship wreck that stranded on Fraser Island in 1935. The SS Maheno was an ocean liner belonging to the Union Company of New Zealand that operated in the Tasman Sea, crossing between New Zealand and Australia, from 1905 until 1935. She was also used as a hospital ship by the New Zealand Naval Forces during World War I. Currently it is not in shape anymore…but therefore I could be really cheap to acquire…

boat catIMG_6391 IMG_6386 IMG_6385

btw, the SS Maheno used to look like this..


After a very long drive we finally reached the North edge of Fraser island with a small mountain offering a spectacular view over the coastline.


Of course I was able to do some more running on Fraser…altough I haven’t slept more than 8 hours on the island altogether.

run8 run9

In addition to the beaches on Fraser Island there are some of the highest and biggest trees I have ever seen. Similar to a real jungle…but without the Gorillas :P

IMG_6489 IMG_6492 IMG_6491

One tree was fun…since it got hit by a lightning, one was able to get inside..never have been in a tree before.


The best lake on the island is clearly lake McKenzie. It was the clearest water I have ever seen in open water. The sands around the lake are composed of pure, white silica and the water in the lake is also so pure it is unsuitable for many species.

IMG_6503 IMG_6501 IMG_6500

Another fun fact..there was a Central Train Station on the island back in the days…It seems to be that all train tracks get useless over time in Australia…Same in Byron Bay and Hervey Bay.


Finally the group…

next Hervey Bay

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