Noosa Heads (Part 3)

Last day in Noosa…until the shuttle bus picks me up to Rainbow Beach + Fraser Island…IMG_5879

Since the weather was not to bad..I went to the National Park again.. This time I was a little bit more lucky as I have seen Mr. Lizard again.IMG_5901

When I usually go to National Parks with different paths and difficulty level, I always pick the route with the highest difficulty level. However, the paths are always normal walking paths and the estimated time on the overview maps at the park entrance is more than just exaggerated. Level 5 difficulty in Noosa National Park should take you between 2-3 hours, but with my normal walking speed it takes me max 59min to complete the whole course, despite several stops to take photos and chase crazy animals…Are Australian people just so slow or are these signs for Mr. Lizard, who’s max. speed is at a leisurely pace :)

So getting ready for my to explore..IMG_5883

I love the National Parks in Australia…Nature everywhere :)IMG_5898 IMG_5897 IMG_5893

So anyhow, I managed it to reach the cliff and beach area again…IMG_5932

Especially the view from the cliffs is stunning as you can see the turquoise water and parts of the beach as it usually looks on postcards.IMG_5970

In addition I eventually my it to the more tourist beach area…that I clearly do not prefer at all! However, the famous Noosa Lookout was nearby so I had to pass the crowded area.IMG_6008

The Lookout :)IMG_6009 IMG_6014 IMG_6013

bye bye Noosa Fraser!



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