Noosa Heads (Part 2)

As my trip to Fraser Island starts on Wednesday, I have to do anything useful in this more or less remote Australian area…As always I decided to go running…

The first run (8km) was quite awkward, since it quickly got dark and I couldn’t find the way back to the hostel at once. So I eventually ran past it two times.run7

Next day next try…This time run through the National Park (7.5km)..despite the severe elevation it was quite fun running on the small paths up and downhill or at the beach itself.run6

sooo what else to do in Noosa…on the third day I tried to reach Lake Weyba by going down South for about 7km (with using the undercrossing and lonely paths near to the beach.IMG_5808IMG_5857 IMG_5784

After being right at the edge to the South National Park I found so many huge Termite Colonies built on dead trees…would be nice to have a look inside one of them..but I am pretty sure that the termites see that differently :/IMG_5817 IMG_5828 IMG_5835

So I continued my walk down South only to find out that there is no way to enter the National Park and to reach the lake I wanted going to….and moreover, the wind started to get flippin annoying suddenly..IMG_5793IMG_5794IMG_5806IMG_5799

The winds made me turn over and walk back to my starting points…but this time I used the beach as my new walking path.IMG_5789 IMG_5786

All together Noosa is a nice place to stay…but I could do the main sights in just one day. So there is actually no need to stay longer… One more day left until…Fraser Island is up next!

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