Noosa Heads

Next stop after a 3.5 hour train/bus/bus/bus-ride was Noosa…but my Hostel was another 35min walk alongside the National Park with all my baggage…Noosa HeadsIMG_5411IMG_5416

The National Park of Noosa is the place I am hoping to see Koalas soon. My hope is based on several street signs indicating the presence of Koalas somewhere.IMG_5435

Noosa has several beaches as all other cities located on the East side of Australia I have been to.IMG_5442 IMG_5441

But this one was apparently different, due to the fact that everywhere on the beach were small stranded jellyfish…IMG_5462

To explore the National Park a little bit of hiking was required. Especially on the east side where unfenced cliffs surround the National Park.IMG_5699IMG_5463 IMG_5478

Still time for some selfies on the way North…    IMG_5470

When reached the main Beach..I stopped to look out for whales that are supposed to be in that area…(I mean in the water and not stranded on the beach). However, better luck next time…still haven’t seen any whale yet in Australia.

IMG_5607 IMG_5605 IMG_5585IMG_5667

Sooo the hiking walk goes on till I reached ‘Hells Gate’…the most eastern point of the National Park.. and it was so windy up there..IMG_5482 IMG_5492 IMG_5495 IMG_5503 IMG_5553 IMG_5690

Like really crazy winds…


After walking and hiking on the beach for some time I made it in to the middle of the National Park searching for Koalas and other animals…the excitement of big and hope was there to find Koalas.


But after a couple of miles and no Koalas found my mood dropped :( Goddammit!IMG_5764IMG_5772

Soooo tomorrow next try…KOALA YOU CANNOT HIDE FOREVER! I WILL YOU and then I eat you or just take a few pictures. IMG_5726




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